Curl Biceps

Curl Biceps

Curl biceps is one of the most common workouts when it comes to train the bicep muscle.


You can do curl biceps in many different ways and it perfect to do at home as at the gym. You can use dumbbells or train with a barbell. You can sit down or stand up. When you do curl biceps and are using dumbbells you have different ways to grip them with your hands. You can grip them with your palms facing upwards but you can also turn the palms inward. 


Your biceps is a muscle group with two heads located on your upper arm, it is a small but visible muscle group. You get a lot of information about the muscle group only by the name: Bi means two, ceps means head and brachii means arm. 

The function of the muscle is to flex your elbow, and this is exactly what you do when you exercise biceps with a biceps curl. It also has a function to rotate the under arm. Your biceps is about one third of the muscle mass of your upper arm, meanwhile the triceps is two thirds. You use the biceps in many daily upper body activities, and this is also a reason why you should exercise biceps. 

CURL BICEPS -Exercise 1

This curl biceps is a classic exercise that really targeting your bicep muscle. You can use dumbbells or a barbell. If you choose to workout with dumbbells you can work both arms independently witch is good if you have any weaknesses in one of your arms. If you choose the barbell you can use heavier weights.

Start position: Have the dumbbells in your hands with your palms upwards. Stand with your feet apart, about hip- width and have them a little bit bent, and tight your core. Be straight in your back and push your chest up. Squeeze your bicep muscles and bend your arms. 

Slowly start to curl the weights up to your shoulders. Keep your elbows still under the whole move and bring the weights just as high so you can keep your elbows still. Slowly lower the weights down to your thighs and start over again. 

When you do this curl bicep exercise stand in front of a mirror so you all the time can see the angels on your body. 

CURL BICEPS - Exercise 2

This curl biceps exercise is a good exercise if you want to challenge yourself a bit. It includes an incline and because of the incline you are making with your body you will work against gravity. Because of the gravity you may want to use some lighter weight. 

For this curl biceps exercise you need a core ball and two dumbbells.
Start position: Lean with your back against the core ball and have the weights resting on your thighs. Walk your feet out until you feel you have a good incline for your condition. As long as you feel that the core ball is supporting your back your fine. 

Now your hands are going to hang down on your side of your body with your palms facing upwards. Bend your elbows and slowly bring the weights towards the shoulders. Important is to not swing with your arms, keep them still and focused. 

Slowly bring the weights down on your sides again and have your elbows slightly bent at the bottom of the movement and star over again.  

CURL BICEPS - Exercise 3

When you do this curl biceps exercise you will also use equipment that make your body do an angel and because of that make it harder to do the curl dumbbell exercise. As the earlier exercise think about using lighter weights. The equipment you need is a core ball and dumbbells. You can also create the angel and make the exercise on a preacher bench.

Start position: Sit on the floor and have the core ball in front, lay over it. Take the weights and have your palms upwards. Place your elbows in front of you about halfway down over the ball. 
Slowly bring the weights down in direction to the floor, almost fully extended. Slowly bring the weights up again and start over. If you have any elbow injuries be careful with this exercise.   
When you do curl biceps exercises think about always be strong in your core and a good idea is to stand in front of a mirror.  


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